I Made that B**ch Famous

Advertising is everywhere. And nowadays, with the modern world being more dependent on social media, is even more evident. Thanks to these channels advertisement and publicity strategies have changed, evolving into new ways to target consumers. Prime examples of people who have demonstrated to know how to take advantage of this opportunity are Kanye West, and Kylie Jenner.

Kanye West is a very controversial figure in today’s pop culture because he is very blunt in whatever he says which, sometimes, causes him trouble. His latest album featured the song Famous in which he claimed he made Taylor Swift famous. The debate that followed from the lyrics made both Kanye and Taylor the center of talk for months. Taylor lashed out in her Twitter account and friends and fans would support her, while Kanye would defend himself on his social media accounts. This feud caused more people to know about the song, hence; wanting to buy the album, or simply share their opinions about the song’s lyrics with friends, making this topic so trending above others.

Other stars like Justin Bieber also weighed into the dispute by posting on Instagram a picture with Kanye, which Taylor would later talk about on her social media accounts. All in all, the free publicity stunt on both Twitter and Instagram that surged from the song and its lyrics made it Famous, an instant hit and the album itself a huge hit.

Kylie Jenner is also doing great things with her social media accounts, she’s a real young influencer for many teens and adults when it comes to fashion and cosmetics. She launched her makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, which broke Google within minutes of launch, it was sold out in one minute, and keeps thriving all due to her constant social media updates. Prior to the launch of her cosmetic line, she constantly posted on her Snapchat the shades, the packaging, where to buy them, and when they would be released. Her eye shadow was released and sold out in one minute because she kept reminding her fans where and when to buy them on Snapchat as well as on Instagram. If one goes to her website, you would see almost all cosmetics are sold out and when they restock, last for only minutes. Her cosmetics brand is thriving due to her successful management of social media.

Have you thought how you can take advantage of this powerful channels or influencers better?

By: Ricardo de la Blanca

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