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Brand Workshop:

It is common for clients to ask for a social media campaign when they first contact our branding company. But as soon as we ask specific questions about what they need, r what they want to achieve with this, they don’t know what to say!

The goal of a branding company it’s not to give customers what they want, rather to understand the environment and respond with what they really need. If this resonates with you click below and learn more.

Fashion: the business where size doesn’t matter.

The digital revolution changed everything and the fashion industry is not an exception!

More than ever, we see new brands in the streets every day. New brands that in many cases don’t count on a big budget but they still look great! Many of them succeed. Many of them disappear. But what are the key factors that make some last and others to simply die?

In our experience, the brands that succeed are the ones that make a REAL CONNECTION with the consumers. The ones that look really different. The ones that have a strong story behind them, hence the Storytelling workshop. This is where RDLB branding agency comes to action!

There’s a cure for the vitamin and supplement brand blindness.

RDLB as a branding consulting agency brings clarity to brand confusion.

Yes, there are ways to minimize the stress consumers experience trying to find something healthy for them. Differentiation and a good content marketing plan are key in this cases!!
Click below and take a look at what we can do for you.

We can relate more than you think with this phrase: “my start-up, my baby”

In this Branding Company we are all entrepreneurs like you! In fact this is our very own startup if you want to check.
That’s why we have a whole separate branding for startups workshop. Starting your own company doesn’t come out of the blue, it comes after a lot of thinking, inspiration, and passion. You have to ensure that your company has the best chance of being a success. All of your focus will be on nurturing and growing your startup to turn it into a successful company.