Personal branding: Your story, Your business

My father is a brilliant man, good in business as well as a noble and respected individual. He strove to build a company that became one of the most important in the country where he lives, dedicating his entire life to his business and his family. When I began working, I followed the model he taught me: “work hard and let excellence speak for you”. Along the road, I discovered new ways to make my work speak to who I am, and realized that we need more than hard work. We must distinguish ourselves, we need to be authentic!

The world that you and I face is not the same as the one my father lived in. During my father’s time, many companies only considered local brands as direct competitors. The amount of people that traveled around the world was not as high as today, labor contracts were more rigorous, and everything was different. In my generation, any person or company can be anywhere at a moment’s notice and leaders can rise up from all sorts of background. There is something that has been important and remains valid in the past and today: personal branding.

Looking after one’s reputation is nothing new. This existed during my father’s time and he maintains a reputation that I am proud of. Personal branding is more than a fashion, it’s an important element to your success. I want to share a part of what has worked for me.  Some of the ideas I will tell you may sound very simple, but don’t be fooled. They require reflection, patience, perseverance, and honesty with yourself….

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