Can the “Dad” figure determine how we vote?

Have you ever wondered “how can someone vote for such a candidate? Or how people don’t realize the inconsistencies on such leader’s speech?

There are thousands of questions like these.  Take these other two, for example: How to persuade those same people who root for (1), X or Y candidate to accept new ideas or support our endeavors? or even protest against such policies if they no longer support them?  Well, that is because our decisions are not taken based on arguments but rather come from our own mental conceptions. “Wake up and smell the coffee

Confused? Bear with me for a second here.  Back in 1979, a crew of researchers from Stanford University asked a group of 150 individuals about their different opinions on the Death Penalty, a controversial topic in American culture.  All the folks that were interviewed – whether they opposed or favored Death Row – were presented with scientific studies that on one hand, showed how Death Penalty had a “deterrent” effect on criminal individuals; and on the other hand, that same study showed how this consequence didn’t exist at all. To stress this issue a bit more, the weak spots of each research were also shown; but even when asked again, the participants themselves questioned the validity of the reasoning, judged the research procedures and cemented their original ideas; that is, even when having their opinion questioned and confronted, these people still wouldn’t budge….

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