Heinrich Werschinewa is a fully-fledged outsider, who loves describing himself as “I am a man who loves to get his hands dirty and has thirst for knowledge”. Versatile and creative, he finds too tighten to be circumscribed in a well-defined role. During 33 years of honorable service in advertising, casually started when he was 18 by replying an ad about a runner available to work for free on a video clip,  over the years, in a continuous professional crescendo, he covered almost all the advertising roles: art director, copywriter, director, web business analyst, editor, advertising manager and post production specialist director.
Such experiences enable him today to conceive communication projects and campaigns where the original creative idea always begins with the concept “it can be done”. It is not hard to find him sitting on a bench, connected in cloud, struggling with the mounting of a spot, with the inseparable Adobe creative suite or in a wood selecting the necessary oaks for the noble art of the Florentine furniture makers, but whenever and wherever in constant movement because he believes he understood that “with the cost of a tram ride you can collect more creative ideas than one-month Google research”. He is currently writing the screenplay of a feature film for the Italian cinema that will hit the screens on Christmas 2017. Meanwhile, he warms up his muscles and keeps himself in training by devising crazy viral marketing campaigns for RDLB.