The success of Trump’s communication in US Election 2016

November 8th, 2016 unleashed an infinite number of opinions, and ever since, there have been many explanations about the fact that Donald Trump won the elections for president of the United States of America. It has even reached the point in which offensive arguments have been thrown against his voters. I, on the other hand, give much credit to his communication strategy since I truly believe in the power of messages, and I also consider that one of the most powerful causes that have been talked about is marketing. I support the theory that his team, the capacity to segment the audience, the positioning of his image, his communication skills, the strategy and coherence when conveying his message, were all part of the instruments to win the elections.  

Political communication in electoral campaigns is a tool that must be used to connect, persuade and call up the target. Whoever is more effective on this will win. This time it was no different. Let’s analyze how Trump won the Presidency.

How did he connect with his voters?

How did Trump’s persuasion machine work?

How did he call to action?

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