Starting your own company doesn’t come out of the blue, it comes after a lot of thinking, inspiration, and belief. You have to ensure that your company has the best chance of being a success. All of your focus will be on nurturing and growing your startup to turn it into a successful company.

Your outlook on life will start to change as things start to progress:

You feel confident!
You wake up with more energy than ever!
You can’t stop thinking about your startup baby, you really dream BIG about its future!

On the other hand, your company is a reflection of you, your experiences, and learnings. Your face is the face of the company since YOU are the one who created it. And for this sole reason, you want your company to project the best part of you!

So you better do it right.

In RDLB. Agency, we are all entrepreneurs like you!

There are many things to consider to make your company successful: the brand, the culture, the business plan, raising money, as many others…

For a startup, brand building has to be just as important as product development and raising money in order to attain early success. You could have the most innovative, groundbreaking product ever conceived, but chances are the business won’t go far if you can’t create a strong foundation for communicating that value to the marketplace. The three components you must have to build a strong and enduring startup brand:

Brand Identity:
It is the essence of what your brand represents to customers. It is “who” the brand is. This is represented by symbols, language, and the culture or heritage of the organization.

Brand Promise:
It is the benefit your brand brings to customers. This is “what” the brand provides; it’s highly valued and not in abundant supply. These associations are based on the functional, rational, and emotional benefits customers receive from the brand.

Brand Experience:
It is the tangible experience customers have in their interaction and transaction with the brand. This is “how” the brand delivers on its promise. These associations are based on real life engagement with products, people, and places.

All three of these components must be designed and they do not come to form on their own. The process of design is the critical discipline in making all three components come together harmoniously with the target customer in mind. The awesome thing about design, if applied correctly and consistently, is that it will enable your startup brand to emulate its values to the marketplace with more credibility and effectiveness. We, at RDLB.Agency, developed a proprietary process that helps entrepreneurs make the best first impression they could ever make.

During four weeks, we will work together on different matters like competitions, competitive advantages, market insides, as well as the skills of the team members, to develop a map that will help us understand which areas you can conquer and how you must act to win.

The culture is one of the most important factors for the success of a business. You should think about what the right culture is for your company as soon as you define the product you are trying to sell and the value your brand represents. The right culture is necessary in order to build a company that achieves its goals!

Who is the team?
The people in your team will shape your company’s work culture so it is important to hire the right ones! If you have a clear culture in mind, it will define the right people to hire, the right process needed for you to implement, and it will create the internal message and incentive in your team. RDLB.Agency has great experience in this field and we can help you design the culture that is right for your company!

In the past, the making of a marketing plan was full of television, newspapers, and radio… Today, the digital revolution changed all of the ways of communications. We must think about social media, influencers, key words, and many others. But what is the key factor in all of the marketing elements CONTENT!

RDLB.Agency creates a process that will establish, form, and shape a marketing plan in just 4 weeks. We will define a creative guideline for you in order to create the right content for your brand, content that will make sense and create engagement through all points of contact. We can also help you identify the right media to invest in for a smart amount of money.

At this point we should be clear about the brand, the marketing plan, what we want to communicate, and how we plan to grow the business. This is the time to create the presentation to investors! You must be able to present your project in a simple, clear, and smart way highlighting the benefits and strengths that will make this business successful and investors interested. This presentation must be considered as another piece of communication; there is a specific target and a clear message, and we need to connect with them in the things that matter. At the end, if the presentation doesn’t connect, we probably are not going to raise the money that we need and as a consequence, our project will always be just “a nice idea”.

At RDLB. Agency, we understand what an investor is looking to hear and what kind of tone and character will make it more appealing. We will help you make a perfect combination of your strengths and other key factors of your business in your business plan.

We would love to be part of your team!

Let’s do it together!

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