Content Marketing Examples – Testimonials are part of Content Creation

And because we know how important content marketing is, and how important word of mouth is, we asked our clients to talk about their experiences with RDLB.

According to the Nielsen Global Trust In Advertising Survey, word of mouth influences 50% of purchases, people simply trust more an honest recommendation than an ad, it’s simple math. That’s why genuine content marketing creation is key to any brand or company. Let’s reach out to our customers and ask them if they are happy, and why, lets make them share their experience with our brand with our product. keeping your customers needs in mind is key, and now its so easy to do it, we can just reach out to them and ask. And I assure this will take you a long way.

Our customers are our priority and the reason for our existence, a business can never place to much emphasis on its customers. They will drive your sales, your referrals, they will give you good reviews, so never neglect them. According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, on average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. So lets keep our customers happy!!!

That’s why we wanted to dedicate a small capsule to them, and you can see for yourself  how satisfy are customers are with our work and how thrill this makes us feel.

As a content marketing agency we take advantage of every opportunity to showcase our work, but also to create content. Don’t miss out on those opportunities.