The right strategy.

It doesn’t matter how big your company is. You’re going to need Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) if you want to succeed in advertising your business.

Like in fashion, chic trends for transmitting messages come and go, but only a solid IMC strategy can guarantee you are communicating the same and coherent message to the right target, independently of the platform you’re choosing for doing it. That’s because IMC tailors your messages and makes sure you are displaying your competitive advantage and building a real and lasting relationship with your client.

To get such a strategy, you need a starting point.

There are many different ways to approach this challenge, but in our experience, these are the most effective, for they lead you to the essential knowledge on the nature of the task.

 Aim at your landing point

What are your goals for this campaign? That’s the first question you need to be able to answer and in the most specific way. Are you after the loyalty of your existing clients, or do you want new potential customers to learn about you? At this point, also ask yourself what resources you have to reach that specific goal.

 Know your audience (and what they think about you)

Defining your audience means everything. Big is not always better: sometimes, instead of trying to convince an uninterested crowd, we get more of having lunch with a tight party which is completely amazed by our idea. Insight into what your target consumer thinks about your offer is also key: you can gain perspective on this matter with a good old SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).

 Keep an eye on your competitor

It is also important to know who are the other runners in the race and what they have to offer. Again, a SWOT analysis, though from the customers perspective, will help you to see the cracks where you can project your own light through.

 Catch the sparks

Once you have gathered input, you will be ready to create. The more you learn about your business, consumers, and competitors, the more exciting it gets, because ideas start to appear, like sparks of inspiration, here, there and everywhere. Take notes, no matter how crazy a thought might look, review them consciously and get ready to celebrate your “Eureka!” moment.

 Finish the body, dress up for the occasion

When it’s time to communicate, remember to adapt your great idea to all the different channels you are employing. The body of your original message must stay the same, but every platform will demand its own way of dressing it. And be sure that you (and your employees and collaborators) are always on the same page.

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