Being The Red In The Gray

Being bold helps a company stand out from the rest. In a world filled with competing companies, one must differentiate itself from others in order to succeed financially. One has to be the red in a field of gray. The best way of standing out for your customers is to advertise differently, controversially, to challenge their thoughts, to make them feel and think. Celebrities are known for being sometimes controversial in order to advertise their merchandise, businesses, or show, or even their image. The Kardashians, Amber Rose, and Miley Cirus are just some of the many controversial celebrities who by being bold are successful.

The Kardashians got famous with Kim’s racy sex tape, which landed them a TV show on E! Since then, everyone has talked about the Kardashians. The controversy coming from whom they date, how they dress, and their figures are a boom of success for them, they don’t mind people talking about them, in fact, they like it, they need it, in order to maintain their “status”. One recent topic of controversy, revolving the Kardashians was the waist trainers, this particular matter has make them the focus of a lot of talks since, because of them; the waist trainer became a trend among women and girls and this started a debate with some health gurus that were against the product because of health reasons. However, the family continues to be bold and eccentric and that’s one of the reasons they continue to be present and “alive” in the entertainment world.

Amber Rose is another controversial celebrity due to her nonstop defend for promiscuity. She became very relevant when she began dating rapper Wiz Khalifa. After their break, she developed an unconventional look, which became her trademark and brought lots of attention towards her cause “Stopping shamming.” She has dedicated her work towards putting an end to shaming girls due to their appearances and sexuality. Her bold look and wardrobe brings a lot of attention towards her, and in essence, her cause. She has recently been given an opportunity to host her own TV show where she discusses even more polemic and scandalous topics, making her and her show very successful.

Let’s talk about Miley Cyrus now, she started her career in Disney Channel where she was portrayed as a teen and in a more childish way; now she has transformed her looks and music for an older audience, making this, at the time, a very trendy topic, catapulting her fame to other levels. Her music changed completely from genre and became more controversial with its lyrics and music videos. She look as well as her attitude drastically changed and she became an advocate for the preservation of Gay rights and sexuality, like Amber Rose. Her transformation caused her to be the center of attention regularly and brought a lot of notice towards the Gay Rights Movement. Because she used her bold image and transformation to bring attention to her music and causes, she became even more successful than she was before.

These celebrities demonstrated the power that being different and standing aside from the rest has; using it to your advantage, whether it is promoting your business, TV show, or product, can distinctly separate a success from a complete failure.

By: Ricardo de la Blanca

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