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User Generated Content

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You probably have already learned that constant social media presence is imperative if you want to maintain your brand presence. But generating new and exciting content for every single network on a daily basis can be exhausting and frustrating and is the base of every content marketing strategy. Several tweets, Facebook posts, industry-related content for LinkedIn, fresh stories and pictures for Instagram, all at once… How to cope? How to stay active without being repetitive? What to post now? How can your small marketing team do all that?

You can ask for help: and you can ask your customers to do it.
Businesses are discovering this creative and successful answer to all those questions through User-Generated Content (UGC).
Sounds crazy, right? We will explain right away why (and how) this actually works.

What is User-Generated Content?

Social media is full of people talking about several different things. One of those things can be your brand. And you can repurpose the original content they are generating for your own marketing efforts.

Typically, in a UGC campaign, a brand will run a contest asking consumers to submit original, brand-related content, in exchange for a prize and/or being featured by the company. The brand can also ask for new product ideas or any other form of content, including photos, short stories/testimonials, videos, and quizzes.

Does it really work?
It does, and better than you might think. UGC can be way more influential than brand generated photos and videos. The majority of consumers (up to 85%, according to a survey) will give more value to content from their peers over pictures and videos from the brand they purchase. The younger the audience, the higher the numbers: millennials find UGC 50% more trustworthy and 35% more memorable than other sources.

Why is it so effective?
Every relationship starts with a conversation, and most conversations start with a question or a request. UGC starts a dialogue between a brand and a user. The brand in search for content will open a discussion with their clients, focusing on their unique perspective and insights into the brand. The client will feel valued and trusted by the brand, and this act can build a more authentic bond.

What kind of campaigns can use UGC?
You can play with many different flavors here: you can choose to show or not to show company products, to talk about lifestyle, to use videos or photos, to go themed or broad. The most important aspect of having in mind is that conversation between the organization and its audience. The results can be really amazing.

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