Driving to Success

I’m sure that everyone has already heard that having a vision for your company will drive the rest of the ideas and actions but the importance of having a clear vision is imperative. If the CEO is the driver of a van filled with employees and they are trying to reach their destination, with a foggy windshield and an outdated map, they might reach the destination later than expected or even never at all. The drive to the goal should be reached by an expected time and with an expected outcome; however, if a company fails to have an original and clear vision, it might never reach its goal. With a definite vision and a clear path, it is easy to steer away of dead end streets and other routes that should not be taken.

This concise purpose or mission for your company will help keep employees motivated, as well as, give them purpose. Going back to the van comparison, no one wants problematic backseat passengers while on a long drive. Keeping everyone on the same page with the company’s vision will bring harmony and will translate into better work.

“Figuring out what to do is just as important as figuring out what not to do” Steve Jobs. Focusing on the vision is almost as important as having the vision itself, since being sidetracked or derailed from the main objective can cause delays upon reaching the destination. Focusing on the road while driving will help you better understand your possibilities and opportunities, how other vans come into play while arriving at your destination, and how to choose the right roads and passengers to arrive faster and easier to the goal.

What I have realized, as some of my clients ask for my help regarding marketing subjects’, is that they know where they want to go, but their “windshield” is foggy. This is the area in which my company brings a lot of value, helping them define their vision and strategies in order for them to drive to success.

By: Ricardo de la Blanca

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