Tribal Marketing

Tribal Marketing

It may sound like an obvious marketing principle: you have to understand your customers. And it is so, but the thing is that it’s easier saying it than doing it.

In order to know how they think and what they want, first you need to identify what binds them together: what is that collective vision, passion, or desire that will make them look at your brand.
An audience is a tribe. To gain access to it, learn the language they speak: then, you will able to spread your message among that distinguishable aggregate of like-minded individuals.

Identify them
You may want to start by classifying your niche and defining your brand position.
Then, you need to get familiar with their values and beliefs. Be sure you include them in your content strategy, and create a message that will respond to their preferences. Once you have their attention, they will start talking about your brand.
It doesn’t stop there. It’s essential that your message motivates your tribe, so its members can include your business in their conversations. Positive attention is the best strategy to engage your tribe.

Learn their tongue
You can start by studying their online interaction. Research from the University of Royal Holloway has shown that tribes on Twitter have their language. It’s critical that you know your tribe’s dialect because that will enable you to create relevant brand messaging. What they are saying about your competitors is relevant too: it will allow you to ensure your offering compares well to others in the same industry.
Understanding what they want to see (or read), will let you focus on creating the kind of content they’ll want to share.

Give them what they need
According to Seth Godin when it comes to assessing the right marketing channels, your job is not to reach everyone, but to identify the most relevant niche, one that you can easily sustain. This way you can tailor your products and services specifically to the needs of your tribes.
The first thing you want to do is to target a range of individuals through a variety of channels. Interviews and email questionnaires are both great ways of getting an accurate picture of brand engagement. You can adapt then your services to act as a market niche.

Find the right channel
Which social media app they use the most? That’s a fundamental question, and once you’ve have identified the most effective channel for your message, you have half of the job done. Understanding what kind of interactions and behaviors they have in those media will be very important too.

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