What We Want

Humans are selfish creatures, the person that we think about the most is ourselves. It’s the only way we survive in this tough world. Back when our ancestors were in competition not with each other, but with the deadly animals of the wild, all that they could think about is their own survival. People think that since we no longer live in the brink of life and death that thinking only about ourselves is useless, but we need it more than ever. In the landscape of capitalism, we live in constant competition with much smarter and cunning enemies, ourselves. One slip up or one wrong choice and the competition will eat you up like a hungry piranha. “Homo Homini Lupus; Man is a wolf to man”-Greek Proverb.

So, now that you know that humans are selfish, what do you do? Well you can use that to your advantage! It’s really quite simple what I’m about to tell you. You have to give the people what they want or promise them what they want to hear. No politician has ever been elected by telling the people what they don’t want to hear. You have to appeal to what they want and if you do that then they’ll vote for you, don’t do that then you’ll see the number of voters drop like flies. You may also use this idea for business too, if you understand your clients motives or their desires then you can help them get what they want, or what they think they want.

By: Ricardo de la Blanca

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