Your personal brand is also built on social media

I realized after talking to some of my friends and clients that people project themselves and their abilities to the world in order to differentiate themselves from the rest. I feel like this is something everyone should do, but it’s not something everyone knows how to do. Nowadays, the best way to know someone, besides the good old face-to-face method, is through social media. For instance, an article on Forbes about personal branding states that 75% of HR department Google searches their candidates during the hiring process.

Sooner or later Google is going to expose you. When someone performs a search of you by first and last name, generally the initial hits are going to be your presence on social media. That’s why I’ll share some tips that may help you improve your personal brand:

  • Stay active on social media. If you don’t publish anything or if you do it infrequently, it’s going to negatively affect your branding. Activate them or close them.
  • Think about the look and feel. Keep a design scheme for your networks. Think of a unique and interesting biography.
  • Share relevant content! Dedicate some time and develop a strategy of what you want to communicate, and then follow it.
  • Converse and connect. Interact with your community, get close to them by answering their messages and generate enriching debates.
  • Measure and analyze results. Don’t get down if it’s not what you expected at first. A brand is built with frequency and it is an investment of money and time.
  • Think 360. When you get any exposure in media, cross reference your target to your social networks. Invite them to connect with you.

What’s the best social network for my personal brand?

Not all social networks are the same. That’s why when you project your personality, your image and your abilities to the world, you must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the digital arena. First, you have to define your objective and your target audience. Then, you have to choose a social network or a mix that fits your strategy. If you don’t know how to do this, try to get in touch with an expert in the area.

A great example of personal branding is ex-president Barack Obama. His presence in the media has been very successful while breaking the traditional structures of communication of a country. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have been his primary platforms, to which he later added Snapchat and Instagram.

When Obama ran for re-election in 2012, his campaign manager, Jim Messina, explained that they were focused on two things: social media and data in order to achieve a more direct channel of communication with the voters. What did they do? The idea was breaching the gap between president Obama and the common citizens, and what better way to do it than social media for that matter.

Obama didn’t build his personal brand overnight, and obviously, his position as president was a key element. But without dedication and strategic work behind it, he would just be one of many politicians. He stood out and managed to maintain quality communications. Barack Obama reached 50 million followers on Facebook, more than 11 million on Twitter and more than 9 million on Instagram, with very high engagement. My question would be: Is it worth it to build your personal brand in social media? You tell me…